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A Makeup lesson is the best investment you can make.
You will wonder why you never did it years ago ! 

Lean how to apply makeup that accentuates, lifts and boosts
your confidence.

My bespoke 1-2-1 video recorded makeup lesson is designed to give you the skill-set you need to achieve a flawless & polished day and evening makeup look while discovering the right products that work for you, the correct colour choices that compliment your colouring and light up your face and the application techniques that will speed up your makeup application and achieve flawless and long lasting results.

And you get to keep a record so you can rewatch it 

During the lesson I will demonstrate each stage step-by-step on one half of your face, and then guide you to apply the makeup to the other half of your face using the techniques that you have just learned. All the steps are 📹 video recorded and provided so you can rewatch them again at your convenience. 

Just a small example of what we will cover during your lesson

What is my skin type
How to look after my skin 
What is my face and eye shape 
What colours suit me best 


Price: £250

Available as a gift voucher HERE

Have you ever found yourself shopping for new beauty products and feeling totally confused over why there were so many options?


If you are looking to update your makeup bag with products and tools that best suit your colouring,  skin, style & the looks you want to achieve then you would love this session ! With my encyclopedic makeup knowledge I will take you around & recommend you the best products for you. That way, you’ll use fewer & targeted products, take less time to get ready and achieve the perfect look.

£75/ per hour 

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