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My mission is to make you look and feel 


It all started when I was very young, secretly playing with my mother’s makeup and the minute I started getting into it, I knew I had to become a master at it and my passion for helping people look and feel like the best versions of themselves has just been growing ever since. I became hooked!


Growing up in an incredibly creative environment in Cairo as a half-Egyptian, half-Greek woman, I had the unique opportunity to learn and appreciate different types of beauty. The mixed cultural influences I received have given me the advantage of understanding my clients’ wishes and preferences irrespective of your skin tone and hair and the style they want to achieve.


A few years later, I decided to leave Cairo and move to London, a truly multicultural city where I could make my dreams come true. I quickly found myself at the London School of Beauty and Makeup and before I knew it, I started working alongside some of the UK’s top celebrity makeup artists allowing me refine my techniques and develop a deeper understanding of what makes a truly luxurious experience for each of my clients.


Best job in the world? Check!


No, really. Not only do I get to indulge my inner artist – blending colours, textures, shimmers and shades to make your beauty shine,  I also get to help you develop the most important relationship of your life: the one you have with yourself.

The change you see in yourself as you look in the mirror  is the reason I love my job so much!



It’s not just about the colours, products and tailor-made tips. I truly believe that as a client you deserve the best, whether it’s you WEDDING day, a SPECIAL OCCASION or just a night-out. 


The core values, on which I have built my career are:



Luxury doesn’t have to be formal! I love to have a laugh with my clients, and promise a warm, friendly and relaxing atmosphere for every consultation, makeover and beauty lesson. 




Makeup can be a woman’s secret weapon. ’ll get to know you and your style – the things about you that you want to enhance and the things that make you feel a little insecure. Every look is tailored to you and your needs. I understand that you’re one-of-a-kind, so your beauty should be, too. 




An artistic eye and a creative mind - that’s all I need to understand whether you’re after something fresh, dewy, bright and bold or a touch of Hollywood glamour that will make you a lens’s darling. It’s my job to push my imagination to its limits and make your dream look a reality!




I’m highly trained in both makeup artistry and hair styling, and regularly attend workshops and masterclasses from industry leaders to keep my skills up to date. You can feel reassured that you’re in very safe expert hands.


a few of my



01. I love THE SPRING

colours in London and the heat of July in Greece.


and exploring new places and cultures, and it’s true...I am a foody ! I go nuts about souvlaki and I carry my creativity into cooking as well!

03. I also love THE SMELL OF COFFEE brewing on a cold day, proper belly laughs on hot summer afternoon, deep dusky purples and shocking pinks, and every now and then beating my boyfriend in a competitive ping-pong match.

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